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We have been on the market since December 2012. Every day we deal with SPAM, vulgar content, and cybercrime. We observe daily Internet affecting the way companies operate. We see the false content delaying the recruitment of employees, or preventing the sale of the product.

We know from the experience that the prosecutors usually drop out of the investigation because of the low harmfulness of the deed.

In the meantime, search engines and social networking sites set the rules. Content available online directly influences how we perceive a business or person. At the same time, the most common feedback from search engines is the suggestion that you should contact the site administrator, which is often not feasible.

This means that according to the companies providing search services, we should accept the fact, that no one cares about person or company.

Every case on the Internet is different. We guarantee an individual approach to each customer and the best solution for the variety of problems.

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